QA tools for Go apps in CI/CD

Go Meta Linter is a great tool to run code quality checks including vet, static analysis, security, linting and others. I’ve used it a few times, enjoyed it, and I’ve built a basic setup to include it into CI/CD, along with the unit tests execution.

All you need is Docker and a Docker images repository like Docker Hub. You’ll build an image to run the tools in, push it to your repository, then pull it on your CI/CD machine and run a container from it, as simply as:

docker run -ti --rm \
    -e \
    -e CONFIG=dev/.gometalinter.json \
    -v $PWD:/app \
    yourdockerusername/go-qa-tools \

(later edit: I archived the example package)

Of course, it can be integrated into a service like Travis:

sudo: required

language: minimal

- docker pull andreiavrammsd/go-qa-tools

- docker run -ti -e -e CONFIG=dev/.gometalinter.json -v $PWD:/app andreiavrammsd/go-qa-tools make

See the full Go QA tools setup on GitHub.

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